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Orangerie du Sénat

Jardin du Luxembourg

du 13 au 24 juillet 2018

Under the title of Botanique, Akira Inumaru’s exposition at the Orangery in

the Luxembourg Gardens, follows those

at the Elbeuf Museum and the Botanical Garden of Rouen and is an acknowledgement by the art press

of his remarkable work.


The exposition Botanique presents a series of photographs in which plants are lit on fire in the hands of the artist, as well as paintings and drawings made from a combination of ink and plant material.

In Botanique the artist explores the power of plants in order to create a “portrait”

of those with medicinal properties.




The exposition is free to the public, open every day from

11 AM to 8 PM. The artist will be present every afternoon and a number of demonstrations will be made in the Gardens.

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