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" For his book, Les Fondements du judo, published in 1954 by Grasset Editions,

Yves Klein takes photos where the body’s shadows accentuate movement.


This what caught my attention. Beyond the portrait of Yves Klein, this is the subject of my study. "

Kata - D'une lumière à l'autre

Yves Klein Archives - 2016

“ Kata is a Japanese word which designates a form, a way, a manner to do something. After reinterpreting the photos of the artist, I used the sun to burn the empty space of the shadows; this reminded me of his fire paintings, but through an inverse process. ”

Kata A, B et C - Mix média sur papier, brûlure du soleil - 120 x 90 cm. 2015

Chapelle Saint Marcellin, Boulbon - 2015

Kata  bleu-Klein - Mix média sur papier, brûlure du soleil - 160 x 150 cm. 2015
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